15. 10. 2021
KUTULU at Designblok

We took part in this year’s Designblok festival, where we introduced the BRIKULO building set, our latest addition, XYLONAUT, and a colourful memory game.

Under the vaults of the Gabriel Loci Monastery in Prague, we had the opportunity to present the BRIKULO building set in all four colour options. We also debuted a prototype of XYLONAUT, our new set of wooden blocks. • The XYLONAUT set is all about joy, playfulness, imagination, and discovery. It consists of 16 different coloured blocks which can be combined to create space rockets, lollipops, snakes, flowers… or simply anything you can come up with! We’re happy that this latest addition caught the eye of many visitors. And we can’t wait to get all the certifications needed and launch it officially next year.

Kids also enjoyed our new PEXESO game. • We got the idea from our customers who told us that our toys were a hit with the grandmas and grandpas. We wanted to offer them yet another chance to spend time with their grandchildren while exercising their memory, concentration, and alertness. Plus, what’s better than having fun across generations. • Let’s play!