Feel free to ask us anything you are interested in. On social media you can find us on Facebook and Instagram. But the best way is to write us an e-mail so we won’t overlook your message. Here is the list of questions that our customers are usually curious about.

1. What does the word KUTULU mean?
The name KUTULU is based on Czech word “kutálet" which means rolling. We named the brand after our first series of toys that are based on the movement of a rolling hemisphere. That is why this series is called KUTULU. The name also explains that these toys are for kids and that we enjoy to be creative and to work on DIY projects ("kutilství" in Czech language).

2. Where are KUTULU toys made and what materials do we use?
We are based in Carlsbad and Prague. Our partner carpenters who supply us with wooden components are from Moravia. Our workshop where we drill and grind the components is in Carlsbad and then we paint, glue, pack and send the toys to the world from Prague. We only use beech wood since its high quality is perfect for our products.

3. Why are KUTULU toys made out of wood?
We love nature, rustling forests and fragrant wood. It is important for us to work with material that is ecological, renewable and sustainable. Forestry has a long tradition in our country and tradition is something we appreciate a lot. We decided to use beech wood specifically because it has beautiful design and is hard enough to meet our component precision requirements. • The wood we use for toys comes only from legal logging in Czech and Slovak forests.

4. What does the CE mark mean?
The CE mark means that all our toys are certified and meet the safety requirements of European Union legislation. All products marked in this way are allowed to move freely on the European market. The CE symbol itself means: Conformité Européenne. • Unfortunately it is easy to confuse it with the China Export symbol at first glance. In case of products imported from China it is also a combination of the letters C and E, but they are a little closer together.

5. For how old children are KUTULU toys intended?
Most of our toys are classified by the certification authority as a suitable toy for children from 3 years of age. This is mainly due to the fact that these toys would not pass the so-called dipping test. The dipping test consists of immersing the toy in water for 4 minutes, then removing it for 10 minutes and this is repeated 3 times. Then a force of 90 N is developed on the toy in tension and torsion. Imagine a 9 kg weight that hangs on each component. All our toys passed this test successfully in the dry state. So it is not possible to bathe with our toys or leave them lying in the water. • The BRIKULO construction set is suitable for children from 1 year of age. It does not have mechanical properties that water could disrupt. The components from the BRIKULO kit are large enough so that children cannot suffocate with them. Each component is tested to see if it passes through a small components cylinder that simulates a child's mouth. • Safety is very important to us.

6. Who is the author of the design of toys, photos and website?
The author of the toy design is Pavla Boháčová. The design of the toys is protected by copyright law, the KUTULU brand is protected by a trademark. All rights to the website, in particular the copyright to the content, including page layout, photos, videos, graphics, trademarks, logos and other content and elements, belong to KUTULU. Photos are offered for download and free use in the Download section.

7. Where can I buy KUTULU toys?
Here in this e-shop or at our distributors.

8. How can I have toys sent to me and how do I pay for them?
You will find all the options we have in the section Shipping and payment.

9. When will my package be delivered?
We send the toys we have in stock within three working days of ordering and paying. We will inform you by e-mail about the delivery of the package. We will send you the tracking number of the shipment and also a link where you can track the path of the package.

10. How can I cancel my order?
Have you changed your mind and want to cancel your order? If your order has not yet been shipped, we will cancel it for you without any problems. Please send an email to pavla@kutulu.cz with a request for cancellation and order number. Then we will confirm the cancellation by email.

11. How do I handle an order?
All toys ordered on the website www.kutulu.cz can be returned undamaged within 14 days of delivery. Please send an email to pavla@kutulu.cz with the details of the order and as soon as we receive the returned goods, we will send you its full value paid at the time of purchase. Does not apply to shipping fee.

Send the goods to the address:
Pavla Boháčová
Borská 38
362 63
Czech Republic

12. What to do if I received a damaged package?
This is unpleasant and we are very sorry. But don't worry, we'll work it out. We always send packages to you intact, but it may not arrive in the condition in which they left us. The entire transport process is provided by external companies and unfortunately we will not influence what happens to the package during transport. • The most important thing is to check that the package is OK before you receive it. If your package is damaged or unpacked in any way, don't take it over and don't be afraid to say you don't like what you see. If you accept the shipment, the shipping company does not have to take into account your later complaints, because by accepting it you agree with its status. • All our packages are insured, so they will be sent back to us and we will agree with the shipping company and inform you about the next steps.

13. Can I sell KUTULU toys in my shop?
Yes, we will be very happy! Our dream is for children all over the world to be able to play with our toys. That is why we are always looking for new partners who agree with our vision and are interested in working with us. Thanks to our partners, the toys will reach customers that we would not have a chance to address ourselves. We will be very happy if you are interested in our toys and/or cooperating with us. Contact Pavla, who takes care of KUTULU's Czech and foreign trade at e-mail pavla@kutulu.cz. We look forward to be in touch with you!