16. 5. 2023
PUPU the bird has landed

Meet PUPU – a new member of our family of birds. He likes to rock back and forth while chanting cheerful songs. Like this: “Spring has sprung, blooms are bright, lavender is the sky. And so am I!”

PUPU has quickly befriended the other birds, and they’re already swinging at full speed. Their beaks are so cute, their bellies so smooth, and they are all made from beech wood. Thanks to that, each bird has a one-of-a-kind natural pattern on their wings. Oh, and their other hobbies include hopping on the undercarriage of one of their horse friends and visiting LILI and his own bird squad to see the show. All the spinning and turning! Wow, what a dance! •

The PI-PI birds are made in the Czech Republic. Matěj, the carpenter, turns, cuts, and sands the individual parts, and Eduard and Pavla then paint them, glue them together, and stroke each bird three times for good luck. Working with wood and making toys, what a wonderful thing! The wood smells lovely, and those vibrant colours have such an uplifting effect on the mood. And when the birds fly out into the world? That's our greatest joy – our reward.