9. 1. 2024
KUTULU in the Volman Villa

We visited the Volman Villa, one of the most beautiful residences built in interwar Czechoslovakia. Full of emotion, art, and colours – it was amazing!

Low light filled the grand entrance hall and the sun gently caressed the toys, leaving us breathless. The birds were looking around, enjoying the view of the villa’s vast gardens. Later on, they dared to fly further, to explore all the exquisite materials and unexpected nooks. They enjoyed a lazy moment in Miss Ludi’s boudoir, then basked in the sun on the patio and chatted with the horses. It felt like a movie – like standing on the captain’s bridge, sailing on an ocean liner. It was so Czech and so exotic at once! The villa was certainly full of surprises.

•  •  •

More on the Volman Villa:

A duo of avant-garde architects, Karel Janů and Jiří Štursa, designed the impressive villa for Josef Volman, a factory owner and patron of the arts, between 1938 and 1939. It’s located in Čelákovice, a short distance from Prague.

Inspired by Le Corbusier’s architecture and ideas, the villa is a tribute to the modern housing of the interwar period. With its distinctive colours and artistic conception, it represents the so-called emotional functionalism. Its interior is filled with sharp lines, curved walls with organic detailing, and luxurious materials, ranging from various types of marble to chrome or exotic woods. Moreover, the views of the surrounding landscape will take your breath away any time of the year.

Mr Volman was very fond of swans. Coincidentally, our wooden swans enjoyed the tour very much. You can now buy them at the villa as a memento of your own visit. It's a unique experience. Highly recommended!

Photo: Adriána Vančová