KUTULU at Designblok

We took part in this year’s Designblok festival, where we introduced the BRIKULO building set, our latest addition, XYLONAUT, and a colourful memory game.

KUTULU building set BRIKULO and bird LALA

BRIKULO in a new color

LALA the bird would like it to be known that he has moved into a brand new home. It’s yellow like the sun! What will you build with the new set – a camel, a pyramid, a field of sunflowers?

Temporary restrictions COVID19

Temporary restrictions of COVID19

Even in the current situation, we try to send packages within three working days of ordering and payment and deliver them as soon as possible. Temporary restrictions on the delivery of toys are as follows…

New bird LALA

New bird LALA

Cheerful LALA is a new member of our bird family. She likes to roll and rock back and forth so much. She spins around happily until her head is spinning, too. Gotta fly, the sun’s waiting! Such fun to be outside!

Shining dove

Once upon a time

This story begins in a mysterious forest. Something sinister happened. Suddenly there was sadness in the air. Like everything stops and the forest darkened. Lightning! Boom! Silence. And the warm breeze starts to blow again…