Come play with us!

The birds are excited, the horses delighted. Everyone loves these colourful blocks. It’s time to build and play and stack and create. And hey – we’re doing great!


KUTULU in the Volman Villa

We visited the Volman Villa, one of the most beautiful residences built in interwar Czechoslovakia. Full of emotion, art, and colours – it was amazing!

Designblok 2023

KUTULU at Designblok

The theme of this year's Designblok festival is JOURNEY. And we’ll be presenting our own journey, full of adventure, fragrant wood, and bright colours, with the new XYLONAUT building set.


PUPU the bird has landed

Meet PUPU – a new member of our family of birds. He likes to rock back and forth while chanting cheerful songs. Like this: “Spring has sprung, blooms are bright, lavender is the sky. And so am I!”


New horse ROSIS

A horse in pink – what a dream. And we make a perfect team! ROSIS neighs, trots and hops – and she never ever stops!


XYLONAUT building set

We are excited to introduce our latest addition. The XYLONAUT building set is all about joy, playfulness, discovery and imagination. 16 cubes, 54 coloured panels, endless hours of fun and pure concentration!

KUTULU in Deelive design store

New toys in Deelive

Our latest products have arrived at the Deelive design store in Prague. Starring: LILI the bird, the magic-horned UNICORN and a whole lot of vibrant colours. Hurray!

Welcome to the magic kingdom

A story full of adventures

Ever heard of the magic kingdom? That’s where our new story of good versus evil, great courage, love and friendship takes place. Hear, hear about the travels and brave deeds of LILI, the pink prince!

KUTULU new bird LILI

LILI the bird is here

Say hello to the latest addition to our bird squad. LILI is a pink birdie who never gets bored. He can spin, turn his head, and when he rolls out of bed, he always calls a friend. Or two!

Vánoce s KUTULU

Christmas with KUTULU

We send Christmas packages until December 18.

From December 20 to January 2, we are enjoying the holidays and we will be looking forward to be in touch with you in the new year. We will process the new orders as soon as possible after our return.